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Article by Rick White on
His Method of Making
7mm Sleepers from Balsa

Welcome to The 7mm Aus Modelling website. This site has been setup to allow the promotion and growth of 7mm Australian Railway Modelling ("O" Scale). While NSW 7mm modelling is an important focus we do not restrict information on the site concerning all types of "O" scale modelling. The site will be updated regularly with information, hints & tips, layout photos, model photos, modeller photos???, new products, where to get 7mm products, scratchbuilding information, links to suppliers & links to sites that are useful to 7mm modellers.


Now to the IMPORTANT BIT. What standards do Australian 7mm modellers work to? The short answer is none, well at least not our own home-grown standards. We unofficially use an existing set of standards developed by the Gauge-O Guild in the UK. While these standards may satisfy our needs in the short term it would be far better if we could develop our own standards to suit local conditions and requirements. The problem is that any "committee" that might be formed to begin work on developing our own set of standards would need to work within a framework of an organization that represents Australian 7mm modellers. The group that we have formed to forfill this need is the Aus7 Modellers Group. The group provides a framework for us to start working on our own standards. We are working in conjunction with the UK Gauge-O Guild, and have their permission to use their standards as a starting point, in this way we don't need to re-invent the wheel. This provides for uniformity within our scale and allows us the flexibility to develop our own standards as we see fit.

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I hope you enjoy your stay and come back often , and if you model in another scale, remember

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