on the "O" scale layout of Trevor Hodges

"4811 heads the morning departure for Newcastle. The scratchbuilt FO and CCA cars, plus the 48 class, all won prizes at the Liverpool Exhibition, 2002".

"A shot of Morpeth station from the western end. The building ceased being used as a station around 1890 but continued to be used for storage and accommodation (this is speculation) for another 60 or 70 years before it was torn down sometime in the 1950's or 60's".

"A close up of the platform and some passengers. The timetables on the walls are photocopy reproductions of the real timetable on the Morpeth line".

"A bit further east along the station we can see the brick and clap-board extensions that were added to the main station. Originally a very symmetrical structure, these additions seem to have been added after it ceased being used as a station. They intrigued me no end and, in spite of the fact that they made the original,quite beautiful, colonial structure rather ugly, they were one of the main reasons I built it as a model".

"This photo of the western end of the station shows the station name board which, as far as I know, never existed. The bike belongs to the call-boy (well, at least in my imagination)".


All photos by Trevor Hodges