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KRM 7mm 001
7 mm Scale NSWGR Z20 Class Steam Tank Locomotive Kit
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Z20 Class Locomotive

Price $999.00. - After release date, the price increases to $1250.00

The kit is due for release at the end of April 2017.

The Z20 Loco Kit is based on a Etched Nickle Silver frame, 3D printed parts, mastered into pewter castings

Slaters wheels with a Roxy mouldings 40:1 gear box driven by a Mashima 1833 motor.

The test etches that we had done needed tweaking and the redrawn ones look good. We are still to finalise 6 castings, mainly brake parts and back head detail.

The wrap etches for the boiler and tanks, are being finalised this week. Have had 3D prints made in clear plastic for head lamp inserts and sight glass. The inserts will accept small LEDs or fibre optics.

The kit will come in a timber box with each kit numbered, that will act as a carry box when complete.

I will also be holding working days at Picton in May, June and July on 1 or 2 weekends each month, which you can come along to start work on your kit, so that they are not just taking up space in a cupboard somewhere.

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Z20 Demo Dual Pony Instructions     

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