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KRM HO 007

HO Astragal Kit to suit 1mm Brass Wire 3"-4" downpipe
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KRM HO 007 Etch

Price $4.75(Aus$)

This page is dedicated to information that will assist the modeller in using the KRM HO 007 1mm Astragal kit
So what is an astragal? I hear you ask. Simply put, it is the bracket that is bolted to the wall of a building to hold the downpipes against that wall.
As with all photo etched parts, be very careful when handling them, and always read through the instructions a few times before working with any new kit.

This kit is the start of a more comprehensive array of astragals to fit certain common wire sizes. This kit suites 1mm brass wire, ans is very easy to use, if not a little bit fiddly (but the effort is worth it).

Photos of some common uses of astragals, will be available shortly.

Below is a link to a photo gallery of photos of the prototype that this Grain Hopper was modelled from.
Downpipe Gallery Page

Step 1 - Tools & Equipment
Tools & Equipment

If there is one thing that I would like to impress upon you, it is the benefit of using quality tools to do your work; the end result of any job is plainly due to the use of good quality tools. And there is also a saving by using good tools, because they last longer, and therefore you do not need to replace them as often.

  1. Stainless Steel Scissors
  2. Tweezers or other small no maring clamping device
  3. (Metric) Number Drills & Pin Vice
  4. Small Files
  5. Soldering Iron
  6. Hold & Fold Tool
  7. Solder & Flux or Solder Paint
  8. Snap-off Cutting Blade
  9. Fine Wet & Dry Paper
  10. 0.4mm brass wire (0.014")
  11. Burnishing Brush (Be very Careful)
  12. Selley's Acrylic Quick grip
  13. Cutting Board
Lets get ready to Moddddddeeeeeelllllll
Step 2 - Preparing the Etch
  1. Re-Read the instructions (Yeah I Know!!!!!!)
  2. This stage is very simple, carefully cut each astragal out of the etch as you use them.
Step 3 - Preparing the Astragal
Preparing the Astragal

Preparing the Astragal

Preparing the Astragal

Preparing the Astragal

Preparing the Astragal

Preparing the Astragal

  1. The astrgals can be used on all types of buildings that have round downpipes.
  2. After removing the etch from the fret, clean of the tabs, being carefull not to remove any other material(refer to Top photo at left)
  3. Bend the feet up on the etch along the fold lines at the back of the etch(refer to 2nd photo at left).
  4. Place the astragal on top of the 1mm wire at the appropriate locotion, and using a pair of small pliers push down so the the astragal takes shape around the wire.(refer to 3rd & 4th photos at left).
  5. Solder the astragal onto the downpipe, and clean up any excess solder.(refer to 5th & Bottom photos at left).
  6. Using the holes in the astragal, drill into the side of the building that the downpipe is to fit onto and feed wire through the astragal, with a small section on wire extending out of the Astragal to represent a little bolt detail.
  • If you have any comments, or ideas as to how I can improve this kit, please don't hesitate to contact me
    by email or phone on 61 2 46772462
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    Happy Modelling

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