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KRM HO 008

KRM HO NSWGR Lattice Post Signal Ver. 2
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KRM HO 008 Etch

Price $42.00 (Aus$)

Soldering and reading skills are required

This page is dedicated to information that will assist the modeller in detailing the HO NSWGR Lattice Post Signal V2.
The kit which is available from the products page is a Nickle Silver 0.3 mm photo etched kit with a few extra bit included.
As with all Photo Etched parts, be very careful when handling them, and always read through the instructions a few times before working with any new kit.

This kit has been developed over a period of time because of my need to have one. The kit forms up into a nicely finished model, and it is based on the actual signal that was at the northern end of Peak Hill NSW. There are many other details that can be added easily to enhance this kit, but I will not be covering them at this time.

This page will also have a link to a photo gallery of photos of the prototype that this kit was based on, and they can be found below

Lattice Post Signal Gallery page


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Click on the link below to go to the NSW Lattice Post signal Blog, showing how the kit goes together.

NSWGR Lattice Post Signal Blog

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