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KRM HO 011

KRM HO Walkway Mesh
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HO Walkway Mesh

Price $22.00 (Aus$)

This page is dedicated to information that will assist the modeller in uses for the KRM HO 011 Walkway Mesh
The see through mesh which is available from the products page is a photo etched product measuring 180mm x 45mm.
As with all photo etched parts, be very careful when handling them, and always read through the instructions a few times before working with any new kit.

Uses for Walkway Mesh
Walkway Mesh

Walkway Mesh

Walkway Mesh

Walkway Mesh

There are many a varied uses for this type of walkway mesh, which are listed below.

  1. Walkways on or next to bridges for workman's access.(Refer to top photo at left)
  2. Walkways on top of hoppers and other vehicles.(Refer to 2nd photo at left)
  3. Walkways on silos and loading platforms(Refer to 3rd amd bottom photos at left)
  4. If you have any other ideas, please let me know by email and they can be posted here for others to try

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