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KRM HO 013

KRM HO 2nd Class Rub Cars Beclawat Windows
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This page is dedicated to information that will assist the modeller in detailing the Silvermaz 2nd Car RUB cars with the addition of Beclawat Windows, by using the KRM HO 013 etched brass kit.
The kit is available from the products page and is a photo etched kit.
As with all photo etched parts, be very careful when handling them, and always read through the instructions a few times before working with any new kit.

Step 1 - Tools & Equipment
Tools & Equipment

If there is one thing that I would like to impress upon you, it is the benefit of using quality tools to do your work, The end result of any job is plainly due to the use of good quality tools. And there is also a saving by using good tools, because they last longer, and therefore you do not need to replace them as often.

  1. Stainless Steel Scissors
  2. Tweezers or other small no maring clamping device
  3. (Metric) Number Drills & Pin Vice
  4. Small Files
  5. Soldering Iron
  6. Hold & Fold Tool
  7. Solder & Flux or Solder Paint
  8. Snap-off Cutting Blade
  9. Fine Wet & Dry Paper
  10. 0.3mm brass wire (0.012")
  11. Burnishing Brush (Be very Careful)
  12. Selleys Acrylic Quickgrip
  13. Cutting Board
Lets get ready to Moddddddeeeeeelllllll

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