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Brass Lace Pins
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7mm sleepers

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This page is dedicated to information that will assist the modeller in using the KRM MISC 001 Brass Lace Pins
The pins are available from the products page in a plastic box of just under 300 pins.

These pins are an invaluable tool for all sorts of reasons: they can be used to secure components whilst soldering, as rivets for 7mm modelling, as locating pins for silo downpipes, and many other uses listed below.

Brass Lace Pins
Lace Pins

Lace Pins

Lace Pins

Lace Pins

Lace Pins

  1. The lace pins are made from solid brass.
  2. They measure 26mm long by 0.55mm in diameter (just over 0.020")
  3. They have a multitude of uses. as listed below
  4. In 7mm modelling, the heads can be reduced slightly to form rivet head detail (Refer to top photo at left), keep the off cuts as securing pins.
  5. For securing jig onto timber, as in the KRM HO 004 Ladder Forming Support Jig(Refer to 2rd photo at left)
  6. The down pipes on HO silos were previously pinned to the silo walls with 0.5mm wire, I now use the lace pins to do this task, as they have a point, which makes the task much easier.
  7. For holding etched brass components that need to be laminated, (in whatever scale)(Refer to 3rd photo at left)
  8. For just holding parts together on a cutting mat.
  9. As a centre punch as in the KRM HO 102 Drilling Jig. (Refer to 4th photo at Left)
  10. As rungs for 7mm ladders.(Refer to bottom photo at left)
  11. As you can see from the photos, there are very useful for many resons. If you have any other uses for these pins, and would like to have your idea posted here, email or phone me on 61 2 46772462

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